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The Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies Special Interest Group (SIG) is a networking and educational forum for those in the indexing profession who are involved in creating or editing taxonomies, thesauri, or controlled vocabularies used for indexing.

The Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies SIG is an affiliate of the American Society for Indexing.

The best people to create thesauri and controlled vocabularies used in human indexing are those who have experience indexing themselves. By supporting the work of professional indexers in controlled vocabulary and thesaurus work, we support higher standards for controlled vocabularies, which better serve the indexers who use them and the indexing profession as a whole.

Controlled vocabularies and taxonomies are also sometimes used in automated rather than human indexing. By working on all kinds of taxonomy projects, regardless of the indexing method, indexing society members can bring a greater awareness and appreciation of indexers and the indexing profession to the growing field of taxonomies.