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Resources: Taxonomy Jobs Mailing List

The Taxonomy Jobs list is an announcement-only group on Yahoo, which posts occasional announcements for taxonomy related jobs. Most are full-time permanent positions, but there may be occasional contract assignments as well. Everyone is welcome to join the group in order to view the job archives. But only the moderator can post messages. There is no discussion on this list. Everyone, including non-subscribers may post job announcements by e-mailing them to the moderator at

You may subscribe by e-mail without being a Yahoo member. If you are a Yahoo member, however, you may go in and change your settings, such as to "no e-mail" and read messages on the site archive only, instead of getting e-mails.


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For the posting of jobs in the field of information taxonomy (taxonomists, information architect-taxonomists, thesaurus editors, ontologists, controlled vocabulary editors, knowledge engineers, data librarians, etc.), both full-time and contract. These taxonomies are for indexing, search, retrieval, knowledge management, content management, data asset management, metadata architecture, information architecture, etc.