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Articles: Key Words

This is a list of articles, arranged chronologically within each article type category, on taxonomy, thesaurus, and controlled vocabulary topics published in Key Words 2009-2015. Citations include volume number: page number(s).

Page Contents:

Key Words General Articles

Hedden, Heather. "The Curious Lives of Full-Time Taxonomists." Dec 2015, 23(12); 154-155.

Hedden, Heather. "Opportunities in Freelance Taxonomy Work." Dec 2014, 22(12): 165-167.

Hedden, Heather. "Education: Practical Taxonomy Creation." Nov 2014, 22(11): 153-154.

Faith, Ashleigh. "Linguistic Analysis of Taxonomy Facet Creation and Validation." Jan 2013, 21(1): 11-15.

Key Words Reviews

"Structures for Organizing Knowledge: Exploring Taxonomies, Ontologies, and Other Schemas, by June Abbas." Oct-Dec 2012, 20(4): 140-141. Book review by Heather Hedden.

"Introduction to Controlled Vocabularies: Terminology for Art, Architecture, and Other Cultural Works, by Patricia Harpring." Oct-Dec 2010, 18(4): 140-141. Book review by Heather Hedden.

"The Accidental Taxonomist," by Heather Hedden. Key Words. Oct-Dec 2010, 18(4): 141. Book review by Carolyn Weaver.

"Building Enterprise Taxonomies, by Darrin L. Stewart." Apr-Jun 2009, Vol. 17(2): 67-69. Book review by Heather Hedden.

Key Words Conference Report Articles (presenters' names in parentheses)

"ASI Conference Session on Taxonomies." Jan-Mar 2012, 20(1): 31. Report by Heather Hedden

"How Not to Taxonomize: Alice Redmond-Neal." Jul-Sep 2010, 18(3): 91. Report by Heather Hedden.